James Anderson-Ravindra Jadeja not guilty: ICC

Ravindra jadeja and James Anderson
Cricbuzz: The Judicial Commissioner, testing the James Anderson-Ravindra Jadeja fight on Friday discovered both the players not blameworthy after a marathon six-hour hearing, getting ready for their cooperation in the rest of the Test arrangement.

The Judicial Commissioner Gordon Lewis arrived at his choices after a six-hour hearing, which occurred by means of feature meeting and put an end to the tension encompassing the destiny of the two players.

"His Honor Gordon Lewis AM, the Judicial Commissioner, has discovered both England's James Anderson and Ravidra Jadeja of India not blameworthy of rupturing the ICC Code of Conduct," ICC said in an announcement.

Witnesses, including some Indian and English players, gave proof and were interrogated by the particular legitimate guidance.

The ECB and Anderson were spoken to in the hearings by Nick De Marco while Adam Lewis QC spoke to Jadeja. The hearings were likewise went to by the two group directors, the ECB's Paul Downton, the BCCI's Sundar Raman and MV Sridhar, the ICC's General Manager, Geoff Allardice, and the ICC's Ethics and Regulatory legal counselor, Sally Clark.

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