Lalit Modi: Finally Got The Passport, Will Come Back Soon

Lalit Modi
Cricbuzz: Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi said he plans to come back to India, after his identification was restored by the Delhi High Court on Wednesday.

Lalit Modi has been existing in a state of banishment in London since his identification was repudiated by the Mumbai Regional Passport Office in March 2011, five months after he was expelled from IPL on charges of money related irregularities.

Notwithstanding, a division seat of the Delhi court, embodying Badar Durrez Ahmed and Vibhu Bakhru, restored his identification putting aside the past requests.

Emulating the decision, Modi said in an announcement: "It has been a long and hard battle and today, I stand vindicated. I have constantly had confidence in our lawful framework lastly equity has won."

Recently, the 48-year-old BCCI-banned cricket head was chosen president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA).

Modi was likewise chosen president of the Nagaur District Cricket Association for the fourth successive term in the not so distant future.

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