Martin Crowe: MS Dhoni’s captaincy in Tests illogical

MS Dhoni
Cricbuzz: New Zealand batting incredible Martin Crowe has slammed the "unreasonable" captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the progressing Test series in England and feels India would be better off without his leadership in the longest configuration. MS Dhoni is re-elected as Indian captain for ODI series between India vs England tour 2014.

"In the event that he (Dhoni) did back up from Test cricket, India wouldn't miss his strange, regularly peculiar, tactics. His selections are silly when discovering the fitting adjust in selecting specialist players to skill the opposition over long periods," Crowe composed in his Cricinfo section.

"His maneuverings on the field as manager and strategist are over and over again at odds with what the amusement situation demands – Ishant Sharma rocking the bowling alley short at Lord's the exemption.

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