MS Dhoni Goes "Wait And Watch," When Asked About Quitting Captaincy


India vs England Test

Cricbuzz: India chief Mahendra Singh Dhoni gave an open-finished answer to a question in the event that he is prepared to stop captaincy after an alternate Test failure on remote soil having lost the current arrangement 1-3 to England.
To an address that on the off chance that he is mulling over renunciation, Dhoni replied,"you will need to hold up and watch to figure out whether I am solid enough to adapt to this misfortune or not. Murali Vijay has done well however right from the first Test we have not had the capacity to get a decent opening association.
Cheteshwar Pujara was right on time to the center due to that in the third or fourth over itself in every innings. It continued uncovering our number three batsman and Virat Kohli experienced a lean patch, Dhoni clarified. Dhoni didn't make any bones about the way that absence of safety was exceptionally frustrating.

Yes, we are baffled that we couldn't offer any battle in the last three Test matches. Assuredly, the batsmen will take positive out of this thrashing when they return here, every one of them are junior and sufficient to return here, and improve, trusting for better times for the Indian batting line-up. In any case it does put an inquiry stamp on Dhoni himself who, notwithstanding being the side's best batsman at both Manchester and the Oval, will go under examination for his captaincy.

India lost 8-0 in 2011 in England and Australia, and now in 2013-14, the group has lost continuous arrangement in South Africa, New Zealand and in England once more.

The last two Test arrangement were of two matches and very few of them have played five-match arrangement. Be that as it may when it came to avidness and planning they were up there, Dhoni closed down.

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