Indian Visa For Pakistan Cricket Team For Champions League Expected Today

Pakistan Cricket Team
Cricbuzz: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is expecting the Indian government for visas to be issued to the Lahore Lions group for the Champions League in India.

A senior authority told PTI that till Thursday visas had not been issued to the Pakistan group. We have sent all records for visas to the Indian High Commission. I think they will issue them once they get done with the clearance process from their legislature.

The Lahore Lions headed by Mohammad Hafeez scheduled to fly out on September 9 to play the qualifying matches of the Champions League.

Interestingly, if the group fits the bill for the principle adjusts then it will miss the national T20 territorial competition being held in Multan from 16 sep 2014 to 28 sep 214 the same span as the primary rounds of the Champions League. Watch Pakistan Live Streaming in Champions League.

Regardless of the fact that Lahore Lions meets all requirements for the primary rounds it will get an immediate passage into the National T20 super eight occasion which will be held one year from now. Watch Pakistan Live Battling for victory in Champions League.

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