Cricket World Cup: 49 Days to go - Melbourne is Calling!

Cricbuzz: It has taken 25 years for Melbourne the city to exceed the MCG in my mind, and for the G to downsize suitably. Mind you, in the city's overall turned-out "games area", the MCG is still big cheese. Its floodlight towers are route poles for meandering guests. The Federation Square commotion is a walk away, the tranquil of the inclining Fitzroy Gardens lies over the tram tracks from Flinders Street Station and the Nolans and the Prestons that dwell in noiseless consideration over the waterway in the National Gallery of Victoria.

The MCG has dependably been a bit of sports theater that Indians took to wholeheartedly in light of the fact that it went toe to toe with Eden Gardens: one hundred thousand in the '70s, and we would think about whether they seemed like the people in Calcutta too. In addition, India have won a greater number of Tests in Melbourne than at some other Australian venue. Affirm, so its just two Test wins, however that is two out of a relentless, paramount aggregate of five Indian Tests wins in Oz.

The MCG's redesign migrated the changing areas and media gathering rooms at the far end, got to by what I thought was a typical hallway. The utter caution on Aussie group physio Errol Alcott's face one nighttime at the sight of a journalist walking towards his private area demonstrated that better signage would have made a difference.

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