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Cricbuzz: The ICC has orchestrated an acquaintance tour in Australia for the four qualifying groups to support their arrangement for the 2015 World Cup. Afghanistan, Ireland, UAE and Scotland will play an arrangement of matches against neighborhood sides in September and October. The groups will likewise have the capacity to get to authorities and previous players from Australia to help in their preparation. The tours are part of ICC's High Performance Program.

"Helping cricket's top rising countries to perform on the worldwide stage is a key piece of the ICC's High Performance Program, and these tours will give an extraordinary chance to the four groups to addition important information and knowledge of the conditions they will face amid the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015," Dave Richardson, the ICC CEO, said.

UAE will be the first group to land in Australia and will play six matches in Perth and Darwin between September 12 and 25. Afghanistan are planned to play four matches - two in Perth and two in Canberra. Scotland and Ireland will arrive towards the end of September to play three and four matches separately.

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